Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Blow: Sculpture Taking Offense at the Viewer's Alteration of Its Luminous Field was exhibited at during the FLIK Film Festival, July 25-27, 2008 at Art Whino Gallery, National Harbor, Maryland. Blow is a self contained BEAMbot powered by gallery lighting.

Today Now

Visitors to the FLIK Film Festival in National Harbor, Maryland had the chance to interact with "Today Now," a MacBook set up to reorganize their appearance as a p6 symmetry pattern. Moving and gesturing changed the pattern. If they saw anything they liked, they could donate it to the public domain. The short documentary "The Creativity of Crowds" exhibits a few of their original contributions to the public domain. Click on the video while it is playing to have the option to view it at higher resolution. All of the designs can be seen at